About us

CloudRain's history in a nutshell

The initial idea of CloudRain was invented by our founder Henry, who came with a deep understanding of and interest in the Internet of Things. He also discovered a problem he definitely wanted to solve: Over more than one season, while he was away travelling, all his rooftop garden plants had died in the summer heat.

His computer with an internet connection, a couple of wires and some soldering later: and the first issue of our CloudRain irrigation system was born!

After a period of product development and software engineering, Henry decided to call in his old friend Nils to seriously upgrade CloudRain’s product design with the aim to boost potential sales. Nils came together with Mathias – since they’re quite hard to separate and work best together – and with that, the CloudRain Team had three members.

Vision & Values

Nature Icons

We like to keep things clean and simple.

Using the team’s insights in industrial design and the years of experience building and launching products, we carefully designed and engineered every piece CloudRain to our own very high standards.

We want our customers to enjoy CloudRain as much as we’d like them to trust it with their precious lawns and gardens. And we believe that the way to get there, is through great product design and engineering!

Meet the team

Henry Bröker

Henry Bröker

Founder & CEO

Hard– and software engineering from the idea to product development to the final execution are his domains.

Nils Borgböhmer

Nils Borgböhmer

UX/UI Designer & Web Developer

Nils takes care of the user experience in pixels and code, as well as online marketing, to make sure CloudRain is most enjoyed and understood by everyone.

Mathias Mortag

Mathias Mortag

Corporate and Graphic Designer

Mathias is the branding specialist on the team and responsible for CloudRain’s corporate identity.